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If you’re looking to have a website designed for your business or organization for the first time, chances are you have a lot of questions. If this is not your first website, we would still like to point out many changes in technology – especially on Google – that can be very important before you make your selection of a website designer. There are many ways to get a website designed. If you have plenty of time and are reasonably comfortable with basic computers and Word-processing, you could design your own website or ask a computer savvy friend to help you out, but you’ll both need to be equipped with lots of time. Or you could go to a big advertising agency or design firm (but the sticker shock, we warn you, could be truly alarming). And then there’s us! At WDS , we focus primarily on getting Australian companies online quickly and affordably. We offer a low-cost web page and website design service that will give you a professional website in just a few weeks.

what kind of web design do you need?

Particularly if the website you’re contemplating is your first, you need to start by thinking through the various options:

  • If you need an information website for your business or organization that you can update yourself, you need our business web design service.
  • If you have a catalogue of products that you want to sell online, then you need our eCommerce website design service.
  • If you have a lot of specific ideas about how your website needs to look and function, or if you want to upgrade or build onto an existing site, then you may be looking for our custom website design service.
  • If you just need a presence on eBay, Facebook, Squidoo or one of the other social networking sites to aid your marketing efforts, we can help with our web page design service.

honest answers to your web design questions

You may have a lot of other questions, too: How will my site look? for instance. Answer: wds will work with you to understand what you want, and the end result will look great! Who will look after my site? You will! Our website designs all have a built-in content management system—a cms—that makes updating your content and adding new pages as easy as writing and formatting a document in Word. How will my site rank with the search engines? Search engine optimization is a major design factor, not an afterthought, in all of wds websites. There’s not much point in having a website if you can’t be found by potential customers. As part of every design package, we’ll get you off to the best start and show you the ropes with the most essential SEO strategies. How quickly can I be online? If you’re prepared with content and the graphic elements you’ll need, your website could go live in as little as two weeks.

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Still not sure what you need or find that you have even more questions? That’s fine too. We’ll happily share what we know while encouraging you to secure a professional web presence while the online competition among Australian businesses is still at low levels. Contact us for a free web design quote and consultation, and you’ll hear from wds within one working day. No pressure, we promise. The internet may be calling you, but with wds, the answer depends on you.