Website Design often misunderstood

I have to say that 3 out of 10 new clients simply expect to get everything for nothing! A friend of mine told me once, that it was much easier to sell a person a car who already has a car instead of trying to sellĀ  car to someone who never had a car before. That’s so true! My favorite line when I get calls is” I would like to have a simple/basic website with 5 pages” that’s when the alarm bells ring: “Another person that never had a car before” – Oh boy, here we go again.. However one of the most misunderstood areas during the website design is the graphic work. Some customers that are new to the whole internet world think a website is fully built and delivered by the website designer with logo and all. I have identified the need to educate people that when asking for a slide show, or a gallery, then the website designer will expect you to deliver the slides. The same with the logo, banners or any promotional media must either be supplied by the customer, or the customer can ask for a quote on graphic design work. Logo prices start at $150-$250 and a regular slide design is usually around $250 each.