Web Designer Secrets tip 6: Blogging For Traffic and Profit

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Blogging for traffic.  

In earlier posts I looked at using  SEO services and other Internet marketing methods to get traffic to your site.

There is one technique I mentioned that works very well, is easy to set up and cheap. Blogging

A blog can increase the traffic to your site and can directly or indirectly increase sales and inquiries. Since its such a useful tool I though a bit more information might be helpful..

So… here’s some of the ways a blog in addition to a website can help re-enforce your business

Six ways that a blog can help you

1. A blog often appeals to a different audience
A blog is less formal and more informative (usually) and more geared towards social interaction than a website. As such you will often find it reaches an audience that might not have heard of you otherwise.

2. A blog has interactive and repeat appeal
Because you can usually leave a comment on a blog a visitor can become part of the part of the blog . As such it is a more personal experience than simply reading someones web page. This, plus the fact that blogs tend to be updated more often, makes for more return traffic.

3. A blog has RSS Feeds
Any blog worth having will allow people to subscribe easily to it’s RSS feed. If you don’t know what that is –  it’s  a way of alerting them of new posts on your blog without having to email them. You can also share you blog posts with other blogs and social networks through the use of RSS feeds

4. Blog Links for more traffic and better ranking
A blog is a great way to attract links from like-minded authoritative sites. And as your blog grows don’t forget the “link-juice” power of the internal links from your site also grows.

So your blog can act as a buoyancy cushion to help push your website up the rankings.

5. A blog helps with building trust
As I have written before one of the main barriers to buying is trust. People don’t know who you are. A blog is a good way to open up to your prospects and let them get to know you and in the process gain some trust.

6. Blogs make it easier to build a network
Through discussion, interaction and comments, you can build a sense of community around your blog. Interacting with other blog owners helps here as well, as this builds a network of which you are a major contributor.

As mentioned above blogs also interface very well with social networks such as twitter, facebook and so on via RSS. So you can redirect some of the huge traffic from these social networks to your blog and from your blog to your website.

Okay I know I said six ways – but here’s a seventh….

7. Blogs are very inexpensive
WordPress is probably the best known blog software and it’s availble for download free.  Of course you’ll probably still need hosting and a domain name.

WordPress can be added to with many useful modules and themes- the majority of which are once again free.

So blogging is not expensive money-wise. It is expensive time-wise though in that it need regular updates to make it worthwhile

I cover how you can even set up an inexpensive website using blog software in my eBook Web Designer Secrets. If you want some help with this you can contact me

If funds are really really tight you can even set up a free blog on one of the many networks like blogger. This would only work for a personal or informal site and not really as a buisness blog though …

A  blog can help your website and your business and get you more traffic form areas you wouldn’t reach and other way.  It can even be fun as well.

Give it a try

And if you need some web design help , contact me for a free web design quote.


Ronald Sayegh
Cheap Web Design Australia