Web Designer Secrets tip 1: picking a domain name

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In my ebook Web Designer Secrets I mentioned that picking a domain name that is relevant to your business is important

What name to choose

Many people decide to register a domain name that corresponds to their business name, and you should certainly do that. So if your company name is ABC and Sons you register abcsons.com.au  (say) – makes sense right? Even if it’s only to protect your business name this is worth doing.


Do a google search for anything and look at the result listings. The word or words you used in the search are highlighted where ever they appear – they are bold. Notice that?

So if our mythical ABC and Sons are , say, solicitors then a better domain name for them would be ABCsolicitors.com.au. A better one still would be SolictorsMelbourne.com.au – provided they are located in Melbourne of course

Why your domain name matters

Why is this important anyway? Two reasons..

1. Because the search words used which are also in your domain name are would highlighted. This is a chance to draw more attention to your listing. And a better chance of catching the attention of the person doing the search as they scan the results page.

2. It MAY have some influence in the ranking of the site. It certainly makes it clearer what the site is about. I have no clear cut proof to say it does but it would make sense..

As with all things keep it sensible. It using your main keywords means a domain name that is too long then compromise is required

Register more than one domain- carefully

You can also register more than one domain name and point them all to the same site.

So ABCsons.com.au and MelbourneSolicitors.com.au both lead to the website for ABC and Sons.

But a word of caution here – pick oneas your main domain and redirect the others to it using 301 permanent redirects. Otherwise google will see them as duplicate sites and duplicate content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content!

If that last paragraph didn’t make any sense to you then best to get your web designer to do it for you.

How much should I pay for a domain

If you want to DIY it you can get a com.au domain for about $40 for 2 years. Expect to pay a little more if you want your web designer to do it for you. This is often worth it as once you have a domain name you need to set it to point to the server where your site is located.  The web designer can do this for you without you worrying about nameservers, passwords or any such thing.

Things to watch out for

  1. Paying too much! Some domain registration companies charge $140 for a com.au domain for 2 years! Far too expensive
  2. Make sure you have access to the domain even though you might never need it. If you get someone else to register the domain on your behalf be sure and get the access details (username and password). You might need to move servers someday and you’ll need to access the domain name and update it when you do. If you don’t have access to the domain name then you have to jump through a few hoops before the domain registrar will let you access it.

Anyway that’s it for tip 1: hope it helped


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