Website Design draws no Visitors?…time for SEO!

The following quote is another classic I get all the time from people with existing websites. This client has a pretty nice website, and he is really puzzled why on earth is there no traffic!?


“I have a site with a beautiful web design but the site doesn’t seem to be bringing in any business. I don’t understand what could have gone wrong. I hired the best website design I could find. The company had dozens of designers and the designs in the company’s portfolio were absolutely stunning. So is mine, as a matter of fact. But I only get a few visitors a month. The amount of business I’ve gotten from the website is almost nil. I feel like I’ve been cheated after spending so much. What has gone wrong?”


Well the answer is always going to be the same: If you are not in the top 5, the website is nothing else but an expensive business card! End of story! (google this term and see for yourself: “google golden triangle”)

So, now you have 2 choices:

a) pay for the clients (PPC) using Google adwords and do nothing but buy “air time”. Once your budget runs out you are gone and you have not invested this money in your website overall value in “juice” (will explain later)

b) invest every penny in SEO to get ranking in the top 5 and even if you stop SEO one day your website will have a google pagerank and many backlinks, meaning it will have a value and worth something on website auctions even.


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