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Some free & very useful online webdesign tools and web-design related websites

I have put together some useful and (usually) free resources you will need  for your website. I will try and make this as simple, logical – and as cheap – as possible. Let’s start with….

Graphic Design

Next what about those graphics! You need to drop the resolution to about 75-100dpi and crop or reduce the size down so that a 3meg digital camera image drops to a web friendly 15-50kb image. Neglect doing this and no-one will stay at your site – as they don’t usually want to wait 5 minutes for each page to load!

Also try one of the simplest and best free graphics program on the net:

FastStone: www.faststone.org

Glenn Livingston is one of the most highly respected AdWords marketers in the United States.

More importantly, he runs a large AdWords management agency and has seen literally hundreds of PPC accounts, so he really knows what works from a “dollars in vs. dollars out” vantage point.  (Compare that to a lot of
the self proclaimed gurus out there “talking theory”)
Anyway he has some free stuff available that most other people would charge a small fortune for! Enjoy…

* 17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, Videos, and MP3s here: http://www.payperclicksearchmarketing.com

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