Web Design Australia: giving away web site hosting for free

Just a quick post update.

I have decided to offer my own stimulus package to all my fellow small business owners who are looking to get a new website.

I am offering free web hosting and saving you hundreds of dollars in costs as a result. Just for requesting a web design quote.

Just click here for details Free web hosting




Interesting experiment. You would have thought it would have encouraged more inquiries at the very least.

It didnt.

Infact if anything it seemed to act more as a discouragement to inquiries!  They went down.

Fewer inquiries and half of them were not genuine – scammers looking for a freebie with no interest in a website at all. The genuine inquiries didnt even want the free hosting

Surprised me !

If I bring it back I probably need to test it more and phrase it better
But for now it’s back to the previous set up.

No more free hosting on offer (for now anyway)