Using a blog in website marketing

A business blog is an effective way to market a traditional website. Infact blogging is one of the fastest ways of promoting your business and driving qualified traffic to your site. Just about any company should look at launching a blog as an add-on to their main website.


A website and a blog have different functions and complement each other

A website and blog will in all likelihood reach different audiences, have different focuses and have different conversational tones. So it won’t compete directly with your site.

Used properly a blog will reinforce the main website by feeding it traffic.

Here’s how:

  1. Blogs are active: they can be set to broadcast their content out to the web via RSS every time there is something new.
  2. Blog updates are picked up fast. No waiting for a month for a new update of the google index.
  3. Blogs can build a readership. Set up properly a visitor can to subscribe to a blog feed and receive your postings as they happen. In a way that email marketing can only hope to achieve.
  4. Blogs have new fresh content and google loves that.
  5. Blogs are interactive. Comments can be made easily from each page. Which encourages more people to visit. More than a static site very could.
  6. Blogs have their own network. Some blogs rank well in google. Some don’t. Regardless of that though there is a network of blogs and blog readers independant of the search engines. This is a new market that only a blog can tap into
  7. Blogs are well read and can be opinion leading. According to a Hotwire Ipsos MORI survey “More than half (52%) of Europeans polled said that they were more likely to purchase a product if they had read positive comments from private individuals on the internet.”

All of these factors make a well kept blog a very powerful source of traffic and business for your site.

Is a blog right for your business?

If you can see yourself adding useful content to a blog on a regular basis ( eg weekly) then it a blog will absolutely work for you.

So for example if you sell CDs you can write reviews of new CDS and ask for people to comment. Plus add a link to the actual CD in your shop. Or if you are a club you can post member news, events and tips and again link it to the relevant part of your site

By ( subtly? ) linking your blog posts and updates to items on your site you get a natural flow through of interested people. If your blog become very popular that in itself can be enough to feed your site with all the traffic you could ever need, regardless of how well it ranks in the search engines

Plus because google loves blogs your blog can gain enough authority to help boost your main site up the search engine rankings through links from your blog to your site. 

How to get a blog

That’s the beautiful part. It’s easy. Use wordpress. This site is built on wordpress.

  • – WordPress is a free blog program which is fairly easy to install and relatively simple to run.
  • – WordPress has many very nice themes available free
  • – WordPress has some very nice add ons that make it super SEO friendly too
  • – So with a just little bit of know-how you can have a blog installed on your domain ( ) for little to no cost

I can even do it for you. There will be a small fee to cover my time but this will cover full set up (wordpress install, theme install, an exclusive suite of SEO plug ins install,  feedburner set up)

Contact me to find out more.


Ronald Sayegh