How is the web design specialist different than most other web designers?

Web Design Specialist: The small writing makes us different and makes you free:

a) there are no fees whatsoever once delivered and the site is fully yours and you can access all pages to make your own changes and upload images or even videos or sounds. You can also delete and add pages very very easily.

b) I have no copyrights on your design or any tricks to “lock you in”

c) you will be using a world wide known system (Joomla CMS) then afterwards you have the freedom to allow any company to manage your website. No home-brand CMS that has no community that can assist you in hundreds of forums because nobody knows that small system (big deal). Also because you will belong to a huge community there are many add-ons ready to buy and easy to connect with no expensive custom coding later down the track when you want to upgrade (very big deal).

d) ALL my websites are build search engine friendly unlike some unnamed other companies that will wait untill the website is done and then up-sell you an “on-page SEO” package for $1500 at least for something that I morally believe was not a proper full website.

Web Design and Admin

I want to commission a web design to boost my small business, but I really can’t afford to hire an IT person to administer the site and take care of changes that need to be made from time to time. Besides, I’m the kind of person who likes to act immediately when an idea strikes, so it would be ideal if I as the business owner can do all of the updating for my website. I don’t have much expertise, though, so I don’t feel I know what questions to ask of a potential website designer to make sure I will be getting the kind of hands-on admin setup that I think I need.

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Speedy Site with Web Design?

I want to redo my website design, which is looking dated and is slow, but I don’t know if the latter is something that can be fixed by good web design. Maybe a slow load time is due to dialup speed with my host’s server or maybe it could be related to the graphics I’ve used. Is there a website designer out there (would be great if in Sydney) who can advise me on these things before we get started on a new design. I would like to be ready to pull in lots of new customers for the Christmas season.

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