Googlebot hungry for “Spider Food” on your web pages

if I was your SEO consultant, I wouldn’t be happy with your choice of design due to the lack of “spider food” as I call it to satisfy or “feed” googlebot and co with headersĀ  (h1 and h2) and links, some bold text and some “body” content area as text (doesn’t have to be a book page, but 300-500 words spread out on the page is a good idea, especially on the homepage. The biggies can afford to not care about “spider food” and just blast SEO fro mother areas with their money. But for you it will make your SEO later on much harder and more expensive to convince google that you are what you say you are. Google can’t read images. Yes i know about the image “alt-tags” but these are very insignificant tags – unlike “header tags” or even just bold text would get higher relevance than your image alt tags. There are tricks to have a mix of both but that would be already SEO and a different quote. So let’s stick to what we know so far.

It has to be a template for now and later it’s easy enough to customize this template more and more when moving ahead to online marketing and SEO maybe later.

So I’ve come up with one more magento website template being all in image box-like sections and not too much scroll (corporate look).
Bare in mind: ANYTHING U SEE in a template can be changed. All images obviously and colors are just an example so you can ask us to change whatever you don’t like here. but the framework is sealed. So we can’t move main elements around too much, but you can always ask and maybe some are easy.