Is 1-2K per month for SEO really expensive?

I know that many Australian’s cannot possibly understand that it is actually (yet!) very cheap to do SEO  on Once you are number 1 for your keyword. The high unique traffic per day will justify that and I know that’s what the current number 1’s are getting for most popular industries.

In real life you can’t do anything for 20K and also be the #1 in anything, but online you can! It’s a fact!

This is what I do daily and for example my latest client is for “beauty supplies” number 1 and paying me $2K per month, ask him how “cheap” the monthly “rent” (SEO) is for being on the virtual “Sydney, Queen Street” with 90% of all the beauty supplies industry traffic online.

Remember on the internet there is no “fair game” like in real life. In real life you can also succeed in a medium shopping mall for 25% of the rent “queen street” would cost you, but online there is either “Queen Street” or total darkness on some far away village.

It’s called the google golden triangle. Only the top 4 get everything. The rest get nothing.

google golden triangle


here read a little more about it in hundreds of studies:

Let me know if you want t trial period and I will get you to page 1 in 3 months and you pay me only setup + 1 month and don’t pay me till you are on page 1 and then pay me backwards and continuously after.

I really think you don’t trust that this hot “red area” above is real. These are hundreds of clicks per day.

18K per year for me to guarantee you to being there is nothing, trust me! I have to build over 20000 links to your site and maintain them alive on super high ranking websites. For less than 1 dollar per link…think about it for a minute. You are paying more for any employee and the employee will not get you 100 new pairs of eyes (unique visitors) PLUS 5- 10 new paying customers per day. And neither will any “offline” marketing be able to deliver targeted traffic to your business for so cheap.