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A website can be a great marketing tool for your business. When you first get online, in fact, your shiny new website may seem to be the ultimate marketing tool. And for many small to medium businesses, it’s absolutely true that just getting your website out there and optimized to achieve high search-page rankings is all that’s needed to start changing lives and businesses the Internet way.

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Having a website, though, also has a way of heightening awareness of online opportunity. Sometimes a business owner will feel that sales are lackluster, and the company website is just not attracting the right visitors. And there will always be those clients who see the potential for their businesses to do more, sell more, be more. That’s where online marketing with WDS comes in.

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Expert search-engine optimization is always the essential first step in getting traffic (that is, potential customers) to your website. Depending upon your goals and industry, that traffic can be driven even higher through effective use of online marketing methods. It’s an exciting, infinitely flexible new world of opportunity out there, offering multiple ways of finding and reeling in exactly the customers and leads you’ve been searching for!

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The trouble is, unless you’re very experienced with online marketing, fishing for business with new, unproven approaches (or trends that may already have crested) can be tricky. Very tricky. Website owners who don’t consider themselves part of the Facebook Generation sometimes confess that they find the new Internet-assisted approaches to marketing, well, incomprehensible. Others who swim the channels of social networking with ease still find that they don’t have time to separate fact from fiction and good buys from bad when it comes to online marketing and its ever-evolving seascape. Either way, expert advice from wds can ensure that your online marketing campaign truly gives your business that extra edge instead of becoming a money sink and source of frustration.

online marketing with wds

WDS will help you navigate the fast-changing and sometimes confusing online world and select the combination of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertisements, online media buying and other methods that works best for your business. For each marketing client, WDS carefully researches the best online opportunities and plans their use to complement the company’s needs and vision. New innovations seem to appear weekly, but the basic online marketing arsenal includes

Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Networking
Viral Marketing
Social bookmarking
Online Advertising
Media Sharing (Ebooks, Podcasts, Video, Audio)

WDS will also review your website and online marketing materials (such as the free ebook offered on this site or your ads and email campaign materials) to ensure that the correct niche keywords are in place to attract new potential customers. WDS can also advise on and provide a copywriter for content designed to convert the new leads and customers online marketing is sending your way into sales.

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If you’re starting to wonder about these new marketing methods or perhaps have had a few false starts already, it’s time we had a chat! A fifteen-minute conversation, on the phone or in person, will tell us enough about your business and aspirations to enable WDS’s expert online marketing team to give you some basic advice and a free quotation for a custom online marketing plan centred around your business website. Sound interesting? Give us a call on 02 8003 4736 (Sydney) or 04 8852 9366 (Melbourne) or request a callback here to get your free online marketing quote from WDS.