One Off Costs or Monthly Payments?

For many years now I have played with the idea of offering web design in a different way from the almost universal model of deposit upfront + final payment when complete

Don’t get me wrong, this model works well for myself and my customers and I imagine will continue to be the main option chosen

Still, I do occasionally get people who need a website and need it now – but budget restraints just don’t allow for it. They might be a newly started business for example or a smaller “hobby site”.

And now the current ( alleged ) financial crisis only serves to make the already cautious more so

So I have decided to trial a new model. For the first time ever I will offer websites on a monthly instalment plan

Will it work?

I don’t know.

It has potential to be a spectacular success for all or a resounding flop. By allowing low monthly payments I open myself to the risk that someone might only run their site for a month or so then pack up shop – yet I have built them a fully functional website.

On the other hand by helping them get over that initial hump I may be offering them the lifeline they need. And they may stay with me for many years.

Only time will tell.

I’m interested in your thoughts and feedback too. Is the offer too expensive, risky (!), not appealing?  Tell me.

Here’s the details


Ronald Sayegh
For websites you can afford