Making money with Clickbank Pirate? Yes or No

Many years ago I made a (small) amount of money advertising products for sale as an affiliate of clickbank.  But haven’t been all that active for 24 months or longer. Until now.. I changed my mind last week.

See I dropped clickbank as an income stream as it was distracting me from my main business of web design

The time required to effectively promote quality items well meant it always got left to last and more often than not, never got done.

Until I discovered this…   (read on)

What is Clickbank

If you don’t know what I mean by clickbank basically it’s a big online directory. Selling (mainly) web based products like software, and services like SEO and a whole lot more.

As a vendor you can go and advertise your product or service for sale.

How clickbank works is it allows others to easily promote any service or product listed on clickbank as an affiliate. If they direct someone to your site through a special affiliate link provided to them and a sale occurs they get a commission.

And the nice thing is clickbank handles it all.

So vendors can build up an army of affiliates. And people can sign up as affiliates for free and make some commission money

You can find out more about clickbank here – and sign up as an affiliate for free.

I have been on both sides of this fence and it’s the affiliate side of things I am looking at here

Why I stopped being a clickbank affiliate

Now I’ll be honest I found some of the stuff in there is just plain shonky and I couldn’t keep track of what was good and what wasn’t.

For some people whodon’t care and  are just after the commission that doesn’t even factor.

For me it did. I wont sell or promote substandard products. 

That plus writing a good review or email or blog post and advertising it all… well it was just taking too long.  Not worth the few hundred dollars I was making in return.

Why I started being a clickbank affiliate – again

There are very few online marketers I get emails from that I actually read.

So I trust him.
(A very valuable commodity – trust! Hard to earn, easy to lose.)

Anyway he says to me checkout Clickbank Pirate.

Despite the very silly name I do

Clickbank Pirate

It actually looks quite good!!

It does 95% of the work that caused me to drop out of clickbank in the first place.  Emails, posts, articles, tweets even –  are already built and prepared for you for quality selected clickbank products.

So despite my reservations I’ve decided to try it for a month or two and see if it works as well as it claims.

Even if I make a few hundred dollars extra per month for a few hours effort I don’t mind. If I make more than that I’ll cut back on the webdesign in favour of this!!! Maybe.

I’ll post about it again in 2 months or so….

In the meantime if you want to have a look at this clickbank video  (link removed- see below in the Update Section) they have put together and decide for yourself

Then you can register to claim your free copy of the Clickbank Treasure Map report.

Here’s that video link again

link removed – see update below —

Tell me what you think…
Richard Law
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UPDATE:  two weeks on

I know I said I’d give it 2 months. …

But I guess I should have listened to my first instinct which was to delete the offer and keep on doing what I was doing.

For me ClickBank Pirate was a waste of time.  Others may find differently

It’s not a bad system – where it falls down is the products you end up promoting are all MMO (money making opportunities) and not really very good ones I have to say. At least not ones I’d buy in to. I think it’s important an affiliate has some belief in what he is selling.

The other thing is the key to any marketing system is get the traffic therel amount of traffic and QUALITY of traffic determines the lions share of anyone’s success. So though their system is actually quite good – the traffic I delivered obviously wasn’t.

With CB Pirate I used their twitter posts,  wrote a blog post (this one), submitted an article orArticleEzines and submitted about 10 emails to a safelist I occassionally use.

So were dozens if not hundreds of other people. Not exectly a unique marketing message then is it… hence the traffic not being the most qualified  prospects

The stats: Two weeks on I have just 7 vistors per clickbank and no sales.

Plus my ezine article was declined for having an affiliate link in it !

I’ll be cancelling my CB Pirate subscription now. It didnt work for the limited time I have to put into it. It might work for you. Maybe. Perhaps….

I can’t help thinking though, that if you can generate enough quality traffic that wants to buy that kind of MMO offer  – then you dont need CB Pirate. Your almost home and dry already!!