low cost web design services

Getting your first website launched can be a little scary, especially once the quotations start rolling in. For some reason, most web designers quote as though your small business were already one of the Fortune 500. Most business owners simply can’t afford the high prices charged by the typical web designer. As a result, most put off getting a web presence far longer than they should.

low cost web design

If you’re in need of a good-looking, inexpensive web site, working with wds is the right move. We specialize in designing websites that most any Australian business can afford.

And not just any websites: All of our designs have effective search engine optimization built right into them.

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You’ll find web design packages from wds very affordable, but we’ll let you in on a very special cheap web design secret: Compared to businesses in other developed countries, Australian companies are online in much smaller numbers. This means that competition for an organic (unpaid) top listing (the only ones customers really notice!) on Google Australiais relatively weak. For those who get a business website right away, before the competition fires up, nabbing one of the top-five search engine positions in this environment is going to be very inexpensive. Companies in Germany, France, UK orUSA will pay far more for SEO work in pursuit of a top ranking than Australian companies who take notice and get a website without delay.

good seo keeps website costs low

Ignoring search engine optimization or getting it wrong during the web design process will ultimately make your website much more expensive. Sure, you’ll want a design that looks professional and maybe even attracts attention. But, if you’re after a website that brings in business rather than just a fancy electronic brochure, you’re going to need the right domain name as well as a web design that is

  • easy for your customers to use and navigate (so you don’t lose them!)
  • easy for you to update yourself (keeping content fresh and relevant)
  • fast to load, even for dial-up internet users (appeals to both your customers and the search engines)
  • rich in keywords (the search terms potential customers use when trying to find you).

seo more powerful than ppc!

These features and more are all part of the basic search engine optimization wds builds into every web design we create. Get these elements right, and your website is well on the way to achieving a high page ranking on Google and the other search engines. Neglect them, and traffic to your website will never start. Buying in traffic to your site through Adwords or other pay per click services to compensate for poor SEO planning is hugely expensive—and the benefits stop the minute you stop paying to pull visitors into your site. SEO, as you can find out here, is a task that never really ends as long as your business has competitors who are online, but our careful designing will start you out on the right path. Contact us today to start building a new future on the internet.