seo friendly website hosting

Any website hosting is good hosting? Wrong!

The best website hosting must be the cheapest, right? After all, the tenner or two that you save on hosting each month can buy you an extra round with your mates or dinner with your partner.

Wrong answer! Hosting, a very important factor in search engine optimization, must be handled with great care before you even start thinking about your web design so I suggest you read this page for your own good.

On the face of it, you’ll save by choosing to go with a cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for: bad support and a non-Australian IP address that you could be sharing with hundreds of other websites and you have to “babysit” your own website and make your own backups. This amounts to a lot of work during the 1 year in which you saved maybe $100 to very hard work and sometimes even a complete loss of some “I know it all” customers and a sudden death for your website’s ranks on Google. See it the same way Google sees it: Most of the world’s “dodgyand spammy” websites are also found on cheap hosts, so this is one of their “footprints” and chances are high that you’ll be sharing your server or even your IP address with porn or casino sites. For Google, this kind of “spammer footprint” indicates that you are not committed to sticking around for very long. Google Australia will always assign more “trust” to websites hosted in Australia or New Zealand because it doesn’t have to travel to the host in (mostly) USA and come back with the results. Locals come first.

website hosting basics you should know

When choosing your website’s hosting provider, you’ll of course be looking for certain basics: phone support (a really big deal!), at least two free email accounts (such as, and daily or weekly backups of your website, emails and database. At wds, we’ve got all of these absolute essentials covered, but we also offer SEO-ready hosting. Our hosting service alone won’t get you a higher search engine ranking. Once you start serious work to improve your google ranks, however, wds hosting ensures that your website will be SEO-ready.

hosting effects on website seo success

One effective strategy involves creating additional domains for search engine optimization purposes. If you are a larger client, then we recommend mini-site or micro-site SEO for your website. In this case WDS will provide a unique Australian IP from a different Aussie hosting provider for each website/domain. This way, your SEO sub-sites will have more power to link to your main site since Google won’t be able to detect that these mini-sites all belong to the same person.

To find out more about our simple but effective SEO solutions, then feel free to contact us for a free seo proposal and also a $250-$500 AUD RRP valued website audit if you already have an existing website.