Have you need banned by adwords?

Suspended First

A few weeks ago I noticed my ads on adwords were labeled as approved but not getting any impressions. I contacted adwords and was told it was a routine inspection of some sort and they were temporarily suspended

They stayed that way for weeks.

Eventually ( and several follow up emails later ) I got an email from them.

Quite an astounding email saying my campaign was suspended permanently and  (quote) “do not contact us again”

What the…. ?

I was Banned!

Apparently I was in violation of their terms and conditions. They didn’t specifically say what though.

So after much searching I found that I had actually done the wrong thing.

My bad. They were correct. I was in violation. A warning and a chance to fix it would be nice!  Their reaction did seem a bit extreme …

After doing a search (on Google – the irony!!) I find that I am not alone.

Many advertisers are getting banned with no explanation and no recourse. Looks like Google are on a bit of a clean out – I suspect looking to get rid of the thin affiliate sites that seem to be everywhere.

And incurring some collateral damage along the way. ( ie me )

But I can’t complain. It’s up to Google what they do with their own business

See it looks like I can’t advertise with them again – ever!  I have requested clarification on this but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for a reply.

But really it’s not anything I can do much about.  They can do what they want. Not because they are google but because it’s their business. They own google. Not me.

For example I run a web design business and in the past I have refused jobs for sites I think are unsuitable. That is my prerogative as the business owner.

So google as the business owner is perfectly within its rights to refuse my business or indeed any business it wants. They can do what they chose as long as it’s within the boundaries of the law.

I see people getting all upset and saying it’s not fair and so on. Maybe it isn’t fair. But as I said it’s their right to do what they chose.

If they don’t want your business – or mine – then get over it!  And move on.

Adwords is not the only source of traffic for me – and it should’t be for you either

Thankfully I only derive about 20% of my business from adwords anyway. It’s the people that rely on it totally that are walking the tightrope. It’s a bad business model in anyone’s book to rely on one source to the exclusion of all others. Especially if that one source is skittish like google

So even if you aren’t in Google’s bad books at the moment, if you rely on them for a large percentage of your traffic you are in trouble.  It’s time to make changes, fast!

The answer is diversify

I know it’s cold comfort if you have just been google slapped. But take it as I did .. as a wake up call.

Find more diverse and better traffic sources.  There are lot of them. Don’t be brainwashed or fooled into thinking google is the only one. Or even the best one.

At the end of the day you’ll end up with cheaper traffic, a better business model and Google will have lost some of its monopoly.

Now that’s a win-win situation.

Alternative traffic sources

As if by some weird synchronicity I recently got an email from Perry Marshal saying some of his million dollar clients have had the same thing happen to them.  Banned for no reson with no recourse.
(Makes me feel less picked on… my tiny account is insignificant to the big G anyway.)

He recommended a traffic generating course. Since I trust him and his recommendations and I have it now. And it’s very good so far.  At $200 its more than I would normally spend on an eBook by someone I don’t know. But so far it’s good

Here’s the web site  – this is not an affiliate link and I don’t get anything from sending you there


Buy it if you think it looks good. I did.

What I am doing now

I already had in place quite a few alternative traffic sources which I will be beefing up to make up for the loss of adwords. These are Search Engines (google, bing and yahoo), referrals, Pay-per-click ads on yahoo and bing, social network advertising and my newsletter / email marketing.

Plus I will add in some other form of paid ads to replace adwords.

What’s your strategy? If you need help with setting up any of these then contact me.

Ronald Sayegh
Web Design Australia