Google Adword Match Types- don’t get caught out

Once you have researched the best keywords for your adwords campaign you have yet another choice. How to match them.

There are three ways to do this in adwords… and they all give different results

 Keyword Match Types

– Broad match: gives google most freedom to display your ad if your Keyword is anywhere in the Search term, for example: if you were using the broad match keyword “Web design”, your ad may show when a person searches for either or both keywords, or something that Google believes is similar.

That last bit is important “something that Google believes is similar”. Sometimes what google believes is similar to web design (in this example) is nothing like it!! Usually they’re not too bad.

So my search term will show for things as diverse as “best children boutique web design” and “web template download” and “top end web” whatever that means

The point is it will get lost of exposure sure, but not very focused. Kind of like shotgun marketing.. lots of impressions.. not too narrowly aimed directly at the target audience though

Phrase match: allows you to displays your ad only if Search Term and Keyword are in the same order. Here is an quick example of how phrase match works: if you are targeting “web design” on phrase match it will hit for keywords including the phrase “web design”, which would include the keywords “best web design”, “cheap web design”, “web design Australia”, and so on

Therefore, as long as those 2 main keywords are included in the search your ad will show. Using Phrase Match but a bit more focused than broad Match. Which should mean better targetted (more qualified)

– Exact match: allows you to displays your ad only if the Search Term exactly matches with the Keyword. Example [web design]will only show if someone types in web design. Not if they type in cheap web design. This is the most focused level

How do you use this?

If you are starting out you could make a few ad groups and run them with just one broad keyphrase and generate some traffic and click through. Keep an eye on your spend though as it can get out of control fast

Then look at which phrases people are actually clicking on (you can do that in your adwords admin area) and then create an identical new ad group for that search term. Only use the phrase match this time. Or if its good the exact phrase. As before 1 adgroup and 1 search / keyword phrase 

Continue to refine it down that way until you have a list of highly focussed search terms. Son in my example above I might find “low cost web design company” to be the best converting phrase.  I’d have it as an exact phrase in an adgroup by itself…

Why? Well its a good converting keyphrase.

It might not get a lot of traffic but if 1 in 5 impressions leads to a clickthrough – who cares. Especiallly is that click through is from someone genuinely looking for what you have to offer. At the end of this day this is trully the only thing that matters…

Hope that quick tip helps

Ronald Sayegh
Web Design Australia