Free SEO book – SEO Made Easy – from Brad Callen


Just a quick post.

Brad Callen is one of those SEO experts you see often mentioned and quoted in forums, blogs and throughout the internet

I am on his mailing list and he has sent me a SEO book that I can give away. Apparently it’s valued at $80.

I have had a read through it and it looks to me like it was maybe written a year or two ago. So some of the data is a bit “old” .

For example it gives examples of keywords research using overture rather than google keyword tool. Plus Brad, being the marketing guru he is,  book throws in plenty of references to his SEO Elite software. So basically there’s a bit of a sales pitch woven into this book as well.

Having said that it’s pretty good. Actually it’s very good.

 The basics of SEO haven’t changed too much since it was written and this book certainly covers them well. Plus I have used SEO elite in the past and it’s actually quite good. So if you need SEO software then this is worth looking at.

Plus it’s free !

I’ll be upfront though, if you do buy SEO Elite through a link in this PDF/ Ebook I get a commission. That’s not why I am giving it away. But I thought I’d be open about just incase you thought it was.

So download the SEO ebook SEO Made Easy

And if you do buy the software make sure you go through the many video tutorials so you know what to do with it


Ronald Sayegh
Affordable Web Design