Doing SEO the right way – gets traffic

I have written a few post about this already over the past few months so please forgive the repetition.

It’s about search engine optimisation (or is that optimization ) and getting a high ranking in google, yahoo and MSN.

My New SEO Skillset

I have recently completed an online refresher course with some of the top SEO experts, purchased and got myself familiar with some nice new SEO software and practiced my newly found skills on my own site (!)

The results have been interesting to say the least.

In May 09 I used an external SEO company and sure enough in April 09 I had added 74 top ten positions to the 70 or so I already had.
Nice .. or so i thought. I was sitting at around the 140-150 top ten listings for my site. Only I wasn’t getting any more traffic!!!

When I looked closely at what they actually did I saw I was in page one for many many terms that no-one searches for. They delivered what they promised that’s for sure. Only it was a complete waste of time! And Money

3 months on and guess what… I think have lost nearly of those 74 positions I gained. I dont even bother checking them now…

BUT remember the refresher course I mentioned. Well last month, armed with some correct SEO actions to take I started doing it myself for real. Using my own site as the guinea pig.

And one month on the good news is my unqiue vistors traffic stats for the end of June are 40% UP on those from May.

My number of inquiries from visitors who found me via the search engines is also up.

But number of top ten listed pages is massively down. I dont even want to say how many as it looks pathetic compared to the 150 I had before.

The point is fewer listings not only give more traffic, the traffic is more QUALIFIED.

And all because I have shifted my focus to target the correct outcome I need. ie more qualified traffic.

So at the start of the process I had 150 top ten listings for search terms no-one was looking for. What’s the use in that! I went back to basics

I really nailed the keywords I need to focus on to start with
I picked 20 main phrases and tweaked my site pages to focus on them more exactly. Comfortiingly these were for the most part phrases I already was targeting, just not very well! But I also found a few holes that I was missing altogether!

Then adding a blog, and actively building backlinks to deep within my site rather than just the home page gave my site that extra authority required.

Now one of my pages – and not the home page – ranks in the top 10 for a very competive terms AND brings me a steady flow of qualified inquiries. This page was barely even indexed before.

And it will only get better as I link deep into my site to bring the rest of the pages up to the top.

Quality SEO v/s Quantity SEO

Now as I look at the various SEO companies that a typical small business can afford I can see that they all offer the same thing
Quantity not quality

They may well be able to get you 100, 200 or even 400 top ten rankings means – chances are it will be for 400 phrases that bring little or no traffic.

Then looking at the quality SEO experts around I see they work on a different strategy altogether. My new strategy is takes from them
and it actually quite simple.

My SEO Strategy

I plan to take the handful of high traffic terms I now know to work for my site and go deep rather than wide.

Refine these terms to catch all variations and make sure I mine that keyword vein all the way

Then start all over again with the next most popular terms and new ones that I will ave uncovered

That builds stable traffic.

That brings qualified traffic

That brings people who come to my site are looking for something that I actually offer so they are happier too.

Who Can Afford SEO – who can’t!

There is still one problem.

All this is extremely time consuming, exacting and sometimes tedious work.

That’s why a quality SEO guy charges tens of thousands of dollars a year. It’s a big job and a long term commitment.

Not exactly the thing a small business can budget for!

Of course without the traffic and sales they’ll never be able to budget for it.
Catch 22 anyone?

Startup SEO Package

So I have put together a start up SEO package

It  covers all the fundamentals that you will need to get your site ranked well in google and friends

It will involve possible adjustments to your site, keywords, text, images, and structure.

It will also involve getting a fresh batch of quality links to point to your site

In all its about 70-80% of what you need done on a right-now basis. The end result will be many quality listings on page 1 or 2 of google returning a good flow of qualified traffic.

This will give you and your business the boost it needs

Then you can afford that  full time SEO consultant to do last 20%.. and get you into the top 3 position across the boards.

The cost for the SEO start up is $1000
It involves about 20-40 hours of work performed over 3 months
(SEO isn’t an overnight process!)

If you want to know more have a look here search engine optimisation or email me. Or leave a comment :>


Ronald Sayegh
Web Design Specialist Australia