do your homework before requesting a web design quote

I am happy to see every now and then someone that emails me after having done their homework. Most of my emails are: can I get a quote on an ecommerce shop? thanks, bye. =)
Here are the answers you should be looking for when requesting a template design frmo a web design company:

Template web page design: will customized to you, with your logo, all your content and we will obviously replace all images with yours.

Social media: add facebook, tweet, google+1, LinkedIn and any other links you have.

SEO: The website will be 100% search engine friendly (SEF)

Your website will be:

built on an so-called CMS = content management system (meaning you can go in the admin area and edit all the pages wen you please and add new pages, images or videos anywhere with no coding skills)
You will have full ownership of the CMS and of the design upon completion (no fees, copyrights or any smoke and mirrors from my end)

Hosting with us for example is $500 for 3 years on an Australian IP with my management and backups of your entire website, emails and databases (daily+weekly) just for any case.

you will have a contact page with:

google map with directions
contact form
captcha (spam security)

Delivery time: 5 weeks after receiving all content and images from you.

Graphic design can be quoted extra for the case you need a logo or graphics beyond the template.