Cheap template web design or custom web design?

If you need help understanding when an off the shelf web design programme makes sense and when it doesn’t you’ve come to the right place. Some offers seem really economical, but how can I be sure they have all the features of a custom-designed site, especially when it comes to SEO issues? Custom designed sites, on the other hand, are invariably quoted as outrageously expensive. Really, who has thousands of dollars to sink into a website when their business is just starting and there is a payroll to meet and all of the other running expenses without much income coming in yet. And yet, somehow I can’t get rid of the feeling that I might be missing something important by going with a designer who offers ready-made solutions, even if they are tailored to my business needs. I’m already running around like crazy getting my business up and running, and dealing with these issues on top of everything else makes my head spin. Would appreciate feedback from anyone w ho has experience with this.

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