Are Australians really behind in general internet knowledge?

Many Australians aer a little ashamed to admit that they are simply a lot behind when comparing the general Internet knowledge on an international level, so they rather just keep looking away until they don’t have a choice anymore when more and more people and realted companies in every day life keep asking for their website address.

Another quote I hear over and over again in many different versions, but this one is my favorite and represents in my opinion millions of Australians:

“I need to have a web design to attract customers for my business. Everybody says I have to do it, that I’m missing the boat by not being on the Internet. But I’m afraid to take the plunge because I’ve heard so many stories about the money you have to spend to get traffic to the site. It just seems like a bottomless pit of spending with no guarantee of results. Other friends tell me no, it’s just a matter of getting the search engine optimization right, but really, I have no clue what SEO is or how to talk to a designer about it.”

 No charge for a friendly phone call and I promise not to judge you about “not knowing”. It is a national problem.

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Website Design draws no Visitors?…time for SEO!

The following quote is another classic I get all the time from people with existing websites. This client has a pretty nice website, and he is really puzzled why on earth is there no traffic!?


“I have a site with a beautiful web design but the site doesn’t seem to be bringing in any business. I don’t understand what could have gone wrong. I hired the best website design I could find. The company had dozens of designers and the designs in the company’s portfolio were absolutely stunning. So is mine, as a matter of fact. But I only get a few visitors a month. The amount of business I’ve gotten from the website is almost nil. I feel like I’ve been cheated after spending so much. What has gone wrong?”


Well the answer is always going to be the same: If you are not in the top 5, the website is nothing else but an expensive business card! End of story! (google this term and see for yourself: “google golden triangle”)

So, now you have 2 choices:

a) pay for the clients (PPC) using Google adwords and do nothing but buy “air time”. Once your budget runs out you are gone and you have not invested this money in your website overall value in “juice” (will explain later)

b) invest every penny in SEO to get ranking in the top 5 and even if you stop SEO one day your website will have a google pagerank and many backlinks, meaning it will have a value and worth something on website auctions even.


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Cheap template web design or custom web design?

If you need help understanding when an off the shelf web design programme makes sense and when it doesn’t you’ve come to the right place. Some offers seem really economical, but how can I be sure they have all the features of a custom-designed site, especially when it comes to SEO issues? Custom designed sites, on the other hand, are invariably quoted as outrageously expensive. Really, who has thousands of dollars to sink into a website when their business is just starting and there is a payroll to meet and all of the other running expenses without much income coming in yet. And yet, somehow I can’t get rid of the feeling that I might be missing something important by going with a designer who offers ready-made solutions, even if they are tailored to my business needs. I’m already running around like crazy getting my business up and running, and dealing with these issues on top of everything else makes my head spin. Would appreciate feedback from anyone w ho has experience with this.

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What’s the Best Web Design to Attract Visitors?

After spending a lot of money on a web design, I have concluded that it was all a waste of money. I type in “buy a car in Sydney” and I can’t even find my site in the Google results. I guess after page 10, I got tired of scanning. This is where I feel the Internet miracle breaks down. Everyone says a website is a must, but there is no good way of determining whether the design you’re about to pay good money for is going to actually work. I really wish someone could decode this mystery. I am very discouraged.

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Photos in Web Design

Why do some websites have murky, grainy pictures while with other website designs everything is crisp and clear and inviting? The photographs I gave my designer looked all right when I gave them to my website designer, but the result hasn’t come out at all well. The page loading time is really slow, too, and I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the images and graphics. We spent so much time and effort (and money!) on getting everything to come out just right, but the result is . . . disappointing. Is there something my designer or I didn’t do right?
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Looking for a Cheap Web Design

The economy has us in a squeeze. We really need to jump on the internet marketing bandwagon but after speaking to several web designers.
I’m totally frustrated. It seems I need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get the kind of marketing site that we need. They all want to build me a really fancy site with a shopping cart but I don’t think I really need that kind of site. Something like a gallery or portfolio would do maybe. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to pay for a shopping site when I haven’t gotten my business off the ground yet. It seems like a waste of money, and yet, everyone says I have to do this. I need some really good, practical advice about my website design. Is there another way of getting started with this?

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Web Design Copy

I know I need to get a good web design up and running asap to give my business a boost in the sluggish economy. I’m not much of a writer, though, and I don’t know anything at all about SEO issues, other than what you’d pick up from reading the newspaper. Is there any way these things can be outsourced? Is this something I should expect my website designer to provide? What about things like photographs and logos? I’m busy, so a guy who does everything would be the best for me if I am to get a website going.

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Web Design and Admin

I want to commission a web design to boost my small business, but I really can’t afford to hire an IT person to administer the site and take care of changes that need to be made from time to time. Besides, I’m the kind of person who likes to act immediately when an idea strikes, so it would be ideal if I as the business owner can do all of the updating for my website. I don’t have much expertise, though, so I don’t feel I know what questions to ask of a potential website designer to make sure I will be getting the kind of hands-on admin setup that I think I need.

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Web Design Expert in Online Marketing

I’m looking for a complete web design from a company who can provide internet marketing services. I know search engine marketing is the way to go, but I don’t have anyone on staff who can do SEO work. I don’t want to go the backdoor route and pay for targeted traffic after the fact. I want this capability built into my brand new website design so we can promote our brand. My ideal designer can also advise me about Pay Per Click and other ways to do search engine marketing. Is this the best way to find potential customers and let them know about our products and services? I can’t say we have anyone on staff who specialises in this area. I need good advice from the start on keyword research and analysis. It’s really important that we get landing page optimization and high rates of click through.

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Speedy Site with Web Design?

I want to redo my website design, which is looking dated and is slow, but I don’t know if the latter is something that can be fixed by good web design. Maybe a slow load time is due to dialup speed with my host’s server or maybe it could be related to the graphics I’ve used. Is there a website designer out there (would be great if in Sydney) who can advise me on these things before we get started on a new design. I would like to be ready to pull in lots of new customers for the Christmas season.

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