Studying Design at USC

Looking to become a good website designer or graphic designer, or maybe both?

Studying can be fun, but when you choose the wrong courses, you can waste a lot of time before you are back on track. Anyway, Although I am told that I am already a pretty good website designer, I think I can do even better so I will be going to the University of the Sunshine coast in July 2017 to Study Bachelor of Design and Communication to improve on my skills in Graphic Design and website design.

My goal is to deliver the best possible websites for my customers.

(Image by USC)

Is 1-2K per month for SEO really expensive?

I know that many Australian’s cannot possibly understand that it is actually (yet!) very cheap to do SEO  on Once you are number 1 for your keyword. The high unique traffic per day will justify that and I know that’s what the current number 1’s are getting for most popular industries.

In real life you can’t do anything for 20K and also be the #1 in anything, but online you can! It’s a fact!

This is what I do daily and for example my latest client is for “beauty supplies” number 1 and paying me $2K per month, ask him how “cheap” the monthly “rent” (SEO) is for being on the virtual “Sydney, Queen Street” with 90% of all the beauty supplies industry traffic online.

Remember on the internet there is no “fair game” like in real life. In real life you can also succeed in a medium shopping mall for 25% of the rent “queen street” would cost you, but online there is either “Queen Street” or total darkness on some far away village.

It’s called the google golden triangle. Only the top 4 get everything. The rest get nothing.

google golden triangle


here read a little more about it in hundreds of studies:

Let me know if you want t trial period and I will get you to page 1 in 3 months and you pay me only setup + 1 month and don’t pay me till you are on page 1 and then pay me backwards and continuously after.

I really think you don’t trust that this hot “red area” above is real. These are hundreds of clicks per day.

18K per year for me to guarantee you to being there is nothing, trust me! I have to build over 20000 links to your site and maintain them alive on super high ranking websites. For less than 1 dollar per link…think about it for a minute. You are paying more for any employee and the employee will not get you 100 new pairs of eyes (unique visitors) PLUS 5- 10 new paying customers per day. And neither will any “offline” marketing be able to deliver targeted traffic to your business for so cheap.

How is the web design specialist different than most other web designers?

Web Design Specialist: The small writing makes us different and makes you free:

a) there are no fees whatsoever once delivered and the site is fully yours and you can access all pages to make your own changes and upload images or even videos or sounds. You can also delete and add pages very very easily.

b) I have no copyrights on your design or any tricks to “lock you in”

c) you will be using a world wide known system (Joomla CMS) then afterwards you have the freedom to allow any company to manage your website. No home-brand CMS that has no community that can assist you in hundreds of forums because nobody knows that small system (big deal). Also because you will belong to a huge community there are many add-ons ready to buy and easy to connect with no expensive custom coding later down the track when you want to upgrade (very big deal).

d) ALL my websites are build search engine friendly unlike some unnamed other companies that will wait untill the website is done and then up-sell you an “on-page SEO” package for $1500 at least for something that I morally believe was not a proper full website.

Are there any extra costs on top of my website price in the quote?

For Example; tf you wanted a live booking system with calendars with your website quote and a menu they can select items from then just add $1000 to any web design quote.

Usually every quote also contains the extra recurring Hosting price extra: $500 every 3 years for 2GB storage and 2GB monthly data on an Aussie IP (no cheap US or Asian hosting). Plus you get up to 3 email accounts and my support when things break (daily + weekly backups that I have and can restore your website)

Googlebot hungry for “Spider Food” on your web pages

if I was your SEO consultant, I wouldn’t be happy with your choice of design due to the lack of “spider food” as I call it to satisfy or “feed” googlebot and co with headers  (h1 and h2) and links, some bold text and some “body” content area as text (doesn’t have to be a book page, but 300-500 words spread out on the page is a good idea, especially on the homepage. The biggies can afford to not care about “spider food” and just blast SEO fro mother areas with their money. But for you it will make your SEO later on much harder and more expensive to convince google that you are what you say you are. Google can’t read images. Yes i know about the image “alt-tags” but these are very insignificant tags – unlike “header tags” or even just bold text would get higher relevance than your image alt tags. There are tricks to have a mix of both but that would be already SEO and a different quote. So let’s stick to what we know so far.

It has to be a template for now and later it’s easy enough to customize this template more and more when moving ahead to online marketing and SEO maybe later.

So I’ve come up with one more magento website template being all in image box-like sections and not too much scroll (corporate look).
Bare in mind: ANYTHING U SEE in a template can be changed. All images obviously and colors are just an example so you can ask us to change whatever you don’t like here. but the framework is sealed. So we can’t move main elements around too much, but you can always ask and maybe some are easy.

do your homework before requesting a web design quote

I am happy to see every now and then someone that emails me after having done their homework. Most of my emails are: can I get a quote on an ecommerce shop? thanks, bye. =)
Here are the answers you should be looking for when requesting a template design frmo a web design company:

Template web page design: will customized to you, with your logo, all your content and we will obviously replace all images with yours.

Social media: add facebook, tweet, google+1, LinkedIn and any other links you have.

SEO: The website will be 100% search engine friendly (SEF)

Your website will be:

built on an so-called CMS = content management system (meaning you can go in the admin area and edit all the pages wen you please and add new pages, images or videos anywhere with no coding skills)
You will have full ownership of the CMS and of the design upon completion (no fees, copyrights or any smoke and mirrors from my end)

Hosting with us for example is $500 for 3 years on an Australian IP with my management and backups of your entire website, emails and databases (daily+weekly) just for any case.

you will have a contact page with:

google map with directions
contact form
captcha (spam security)

Delivery time: 5 weeks after receiving all content and images from you.

Graphic design can be quoted extra for the case you need a logo or graphics beyond the template.

New Web Design Specialist web page design finally live!

I don’t know if you have seen my website last year, but I can tell you it was like a book! Too much text on the homepage only confused people and my bounce rate was enormous! I knew that for a very long time but I just never had a chance to assign some time to my best (obviously) graphic designer because I always gave the clients first priority and always had a stack of website design clients waiting to be next….and so on. But I finally did it. Some clients had to wait longer and it was a struggle but it’s finally live! Not perfect and not all the free seo tools work yet, but I am on it daily making fixes and changes myself when I am not busy with the most important thing to me: my 3 y/o son Jaydon!

Stay tuned for this ugly blog to get a make over ;)

Which SEO company can you trust?

Need a web design to bring my version of a great services company to the attention of customers? You will need to have a good presence and word of mouth in your location. I think a good expert in SEO like the web design specialist can do this for you—it’s definitely too important to be left to chance or for slow and/or low quality link building over time. You need SEO web design that will make business happen for you now. If you want someone who will give it the attention and the results then Contact Ron on 0488529466 of fill in the contact form for a quick web design quote on:

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Case Study

Does this sound familiar: I had a web design done about a year ago and now I am learning that there are a lot questions I should have asked my designer. During the design process, SEO was only mentioned in passing, and keywords never came up. Since I’ve been disappointed in the performance of my website, I’ve done a lot of reading and now realize that my site needs help if it is ever going to get a high rank on search engine results pages. I am wondering if I need to redesign my site or if there is some way to take care of SEO now, after the fact, other than some kind of pay per click solution.

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You say Facebook can help my business? BUT HOW??

I hear the same quotes over and over again and if this sounds like you, then call me for a free chat and I’ll explani the whole facebook-mania to you in 5 minutes. It’s much easier than you think! Read:

I am wondering about social sites like Facebook and Twitter with regard to web design. I have a Facebook page but rarely visit it. Too busy! Plus, I find them more than a little silly. Everyone says social marketing is a great tool for marketing my products, but I just don’t get it. It seems so time consuming, with little guarantee of anything other than time wasted on my part. I wish there were some way to build the so-called power of social marketing into my website design. Is this same as using SEO to make my website work for me or is it different?

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