Article Marketing and Search Engines

I’m a sceptical kind of guy at time. I have been around long enough to see
the “best search engine optimisation” fads come and go.

One strategy I have seen consistently recommended by some fairly well
respected SEO experts is article writing. I always mentally made a “to be
investigated”  note whenever I read about the power or submitting an article to the many article directories around

How does Article Marketing Work?

Basically it goes like this.

1. you write an informative and hopefully interesting article

2. You submit it to one or more of the many article directories

3. They review and approve it and publish it

4. people are now free to copy that article (Exactly without changes) into their website or blog

So what’s the point of that? 


A/ Write well enough and often enough and you become the opinion leader in your niche.  Now that’s good publicity !

b/ Plus you make sure you have links embedded in the article or in the author information box. Someone uses your article in their site and this gives you a one way link back to your site just like that.

This means traffic directly from the link and also it can help boost your rankings in the search engines – depending on the referring site.

Oh and most article directories are free. There is no cost to post to them.

Anyway I never bothered as I never considered myself much of a writer

My article marketing experiment

As soon as I started this blog I changed my mind. Not saying I am great but I
can write an article. And make it interesting (some of the times)

So with that in mind I revisited Article marketing. Started modestly. Took my first blog post, cleaned it up and fixed the grammar a bit and submitted it to

Being a free member it takes 7-10 days to get the article reviewed and

And much to my amazement it was approved.  Here it is here. It’s called

“Websites – Are They Art Or Ads?” –

Search Engine Optimisation

Has it helped my search engine ranking or traffic?

Too early to say.

One thing I have learnt though is it’s not as hard as I thought.

Now let’s see if I can do it for of my web design customers who need some SEO work done on their sites!!

Ronald Sayegh
Web Design and Affordable SEO