Adwords – some simple ways to keep out of trouble

Adwords or indeed any PPC (pay per click) may look easy to do.
It’s supposed to look that way otherwise no-one would try it I guess.
But  just ask anyone who has actually used it and they’ll tell you there are many minefields for the unwary- and the price you pay is a blown out advertising budget. And poor returns.  

So no it’s not just a walk in the park.
The missing step for most is education.
We often don’t have time or patience or the background know-how to learn all that needs to be known. And we cant afford to employ a full time web marketing expert to help us. So we try to “wing it”
Now I won’t put myself in the league of the real experts like Perry Marshall (few can do that!) but here’s a few simple tips to keep you out of trouble (mostly).  Things I have discovered for myself or had pointed out to me !
1. The product of a good adword listing is a qualified people clicking through
Forget bigger is better.  Give me 100 qualified interested click throughs any day over 500 “browsers”  Even if the per click cost is more.
 Because I can convert the interest of those 100 people into an action or a sale more easily.
It’s all about ROI – return on investment
Not just number of click throughs
2. Use the ad to create an interest – and feed it.
Say enough to grab the attention of the people who will benefit from your product or service. Dont be vague – tell them why this is the solution they have been looking for.
But you only have a small amount of space so use the ad to direct them to somewhere that will sell them.
This means create a landing page. A page that takes the message or promise that motivated them to click on that ad in the first place. And expands it. It feeds their interest.
Simply directing the click throughs to your home page is a massive waste of time in most cases – It’s just too general and although the info is on your site somewhere (isn’t it?) – who can be bothered looking.
The other good thing about this is a good landing page is rewarded by google with a lower cost-per-click!
3. Tell them how to take action.
It’s not an esoteric TV ad your running here. If you don’t tell them what to do they probably won’t know. And they certainly won’t do it. So tell them – they need to inquire now (and tell them why) or buy now or whatever.
4. Measure your performance
The Adwords Console has many tools to help you measure how well an ad works.  How well it converts and so on. USE THEM.


Sorry but there’s no substitute for knowing the subject. So if you want the best results you’ll have to knuckle down and learn it 
…  or give it to someone who you know can do it.  Even that requires some knowledge on your behalf.
6. What to do now

I’ve said this in prior posts – I’ll say it again.  Go here and sign up for teh free course  17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, Videos, and MP3s   – it will give you enough of a grounding to know what yu want to do ie DIY it or outsouce it

And if you do want to outsource it I can help you there. Contact me.

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