about us

WDS’s resident local Australian Creative Director and Online Marketing Consultant, Ronald Sayegh, and his international development team: https://amasty.com/about.html We have been creating and optimizing websites for more than a decade. Mentally, that makes us grizzled veterans in a very young industry. Ron very quickly realized that most business owners can’t afford the high prices charged by the typical web designer. As a result, most put off getting a web presence far longer than they should. He wanted to offer a solution that helps businesses get online sooner, and so WDS was born in 2011. Our specialty is web design and SEO for small and medium-size businesses. We like working one-on-one with clients to tailor great websites that will conquer the internet for them. It’s a great job, and we aim to keep it that way. The key to that is keeping things lean, so we frequently tap our network of expert consultants when needed. Sometimes that’s to help meet deadlines. At other times, we seek out specific expertise in order to fine-tune an SEO or internet marketing solution. (We can also recommend a great copywriter, photographer, or graphic artist for your content. Just contact us.) This ensures that we can provide solutions customized to your needs without passing on the high overhead costs of a large design firm. While WDS values fun and  creativity in our work, we’re also committed to ensuring that you, as our valued client, get the benefit of our full attention, from quote to website launch all the way through to search engine optimization and online marketing.