Are Australians really behind in general internet knowledge?

Many Australians aer a little ashamed to admit that they are simply a lot behind when comparing the general Internet knowledge on an international level, so they rather just keep looking away until they don’t have a choice anymore when more and more people and realted companies in every day life keep asking for their website address.

Another quote I hear over and over again in many different versions, but this one is my favorite and represents in my opinion millions of Australians:

“I need to have a web design to attract customers for my business. Everybody says I have to do it, that I’m missing the boat by not being on the Internet. But I’m afraid to take the plunge because I’ve heard so many stories about the money you have to spend to get traffic to the site. It just seems like a bottomless pit of spending with no guarantee of results. Other friends tell me no, it’s just a matter of getting the search engine optimization right, but really, I have no clue what SEO is or how to talk to a designer about it.”

 No charge for a friendly phone call and I promise not to judge you about “not knowing”. It is a national problem.

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