The key to success in Google AdWords is here

I just got this email from Perry Marshall: it’s a fully revised and updated copy of his famous “Definitive Guide to Google AdWords” book.

I’ll be getting a copy today. If you are at all serious about making your adwords work for you rather than just for google (they make a lot of money from it) then you need to hear what this guy has to say. No-one does adwords better.

Anyway here’s what he says


I have exhaustively re-written the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords for 2010.

This was urgently needed because of the INTENSITY of competition on AdWords right now. (Have you been feeling it?)

You need to know what you’re up against. And on this page I also show you how to prevail against even the thickest rivalry.

* Understand this:

The key to success in Google AdWords is NOT brute force! It’s FINESSE.

Even if you’re competing with 500 other advertisers, the way you win this game is through REFINEMENTS.

Six years ago, adding quotes and brackets to your keywords was enough to do the job. Obviously that’s not enough anymore.

However if you go through the chapters of the 2010 Definitive Guide and implement them one by one, you’ll steadily surpass even the most determined competitors.

Again, you do NOT succeed on AdWords through brute force. You do it with calm, clear headed strategy. It is immensely gratifying to feel calm, calculated and deliberate even as everyone else is frantic.

We also developed six specialized AdWords modules for different industries. Each of these provides you with an overall STRATEGY and economic model that ensures you derive maximum punch from every click. You make confident moves free of doubt and fear.

The modules are:

-Affiliate Marketing
-Getting Started Online
-Information Marketing
-Marketing in the UK
-Google’s Content Network

Choose one or more modules as you desire.

* Now I invite you to take my 2 hour challenge:

Regardless of your level of AdWords proficiency, open your Google account, page through the 2010 Definitive Guide and start implementing. Make it your exclusive focus for 2 hours.

*If your 2 hour investment doesn’t return to you in 1-2 weeks through cost savings or increased sales, let us know and we’ll give you a full and courteous refund.*

I am intensely interested in your success. I understand that you are being assaulted with sales pitches from every direction, but I sincerely believe that *this* is the finest single investment you can make in your Internet education.

* Are you on the fence?

If so, let me ask you a question:

Is there any knowledge or direct marketing advice that you
have ever received from anyone else, who has given you more bang for the buck than what I’ve taught you about AdWords? Can you name even 1 or 2 sources with a better Return On Investment (both time and money) than my materials?

If the answer is “no” or “not really”, then I ask for your trust this time.

You will not be disappointed.


I use adwords as part of an overall strategy – as one of three of four really good traffic sources. I’d suggest you do too.

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