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by Web Designer on 29/10/2009

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Web Designer Secrets, Free Ebook

Well after months of bit-and-piece work I have finally finished writing my first eBook

It’s called “Web Designer Secrets” and it is intended to help small business owners everywhere who do not yet have a web site (you know who your are!). Specifically help them to find their way through what can be a very confusing and expensive process. The aim is to save money and time and headaches by making it all a bit easier to understand!

It’s written from the view point of a business owner, not a web designer. As such it covers vital thinks like how to get your site listed in the search engines, which function and features your site must have (and which ones are a waste of money) and how much you should expect to pay for it all. 

I even show a way you can build a simple but professional site for just a few hundred dollars

There’s no cost for the eBook. Just go and sign up for it here

Web Design Secrets

And let me know what you think of it.


Ronald Sayegh
Affordable Web Designing Services, Australia

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