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How is the web design specialist different than most other web designers?


Web Design Specialist: The small writing makes us different and makes you free: a) there are no fees whatsoever once delivered and the site is fully yours and you can access all pages to make your own changes and upload images or even videos or sounds. You can also delete and add pages very very [...]

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New Web Design Specialist web page design finally live!


I don’t know if you have seen my website last year, but I can tell you it was like a book! Too much text on the homepage only confused people and my bounce rate was enormous! I knew that for a very long time but I just never had a chance to assign some time [...]

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How to Write Effective Copy for your website


IMPORTANT: Your website’s main job is not to look good or entertain but to drive in business.
It can still look good and entertain as long as it does this as well

As such it follows the rules of advertising – writing a good web copy is similar to writing a good ad.

A good effective website should contain the following elements…

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