Web Marketing

Adwords – some simple ways to keep out of trouble


Adwords or indeed any PPC (pay per click) may look easy to do.
It’s supposed to look that way otherwise no-one would try it I guess.

But just ask anyone who has actually used it and they’ll tell you there are many minefields for the unwary- and the price you pay is a blown out advertising budget. And poor returns.

So no it’s not just a walk in the park.

The missing step for most is education.
We often don’t have time or patience or the background know-how to learn all that needs to be known. And we cant afford to employ a full time web marketing expert to help us. So we try to “wing it”

Now I won’t put myself in the league of the real experts like Perry Marshall (few can do that!) but here’s a few simple tips to keep you out of trouble (mostly). Things I have discovered for myself or had pointed out to me !

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