Website Design draws no Visitors?…time for SEO!


The following quote is another classic I get all the time from people with existing websites. This client has a pretty nice website, and he is really puzzled why on earth is there no traffic!?   “I have a site with a beautiful web design but the site doesn’t seem to be bringing in any [...]

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Adwords – some simple ways to keep out of trouble


Adwords or indeed any PPC (pay per click) may look easy to do.
It’s supposed to look that way otherwise no-one would try it I guess.

But just ask anyone who has actually used it and they’ll tell you there are many minefields for the unwary- and the price you pay is a blown out advertising budget. And poor returns.

So no it’s not just a walk in the park.

The missing step for most is education.
We often don’t have time or patience or the background know-how to learn all that needs to be known. And we cant afford to employ a full time web marketing expert to help us. So we try to “wing it”

Now I won’t put myself in the league of the real experts like Perry Marshall (few can do that!) but here’s a few simple tips to keep you out of trouble (mostly). Things I have discovered for myself or had pointed out to me !

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Top recommendations for getting the most out of AdWords


Top six tips for cheaper more effective adwords:

Here are six top tactic to maximising your adwords budget by mininising the cost per click and increasing the click through ratio.

In other words making the ad work better for less cost.

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17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, Videos, and MP3s UPDATE


Pay per click is undoubtedly THE advertising breakthrough of the
21st century. For the first time in history, you only show your ad
to people already interested in what you’ve got to offer, … and
you only pay when they visit your “store”

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17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets


17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, MP3s and Videos Show You How to Easily Attract and Convert the MOST Valuable Customers in Your Market

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To PPC or not PPC


You can quite easily spend thousands on adwords for little in return.
Learn how to do it right.

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