Search Engine Optimisation

Is 1-2K per month for SEO really expensive?


I know that many Australian’s cannot possibly understand that it is actually (yet!) very cheap to do SEO  on Once you are number 1 for your keyword. The high unique traffic per day will justify that and I know that’s what the current number 1′s are getting for most popular industries. In real life [...]

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Googlebot hungry for “Spider Food” on your web pages


if I was your SEO consultant, I wouldn’t be happy with your choice of design due to the lack of “spider food” as I call it to satisfy or “feed” googlebot and co with headers  (h1 and h2) and links, some bold text and some “body” content area as text (doesn’t have to be a [...]

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Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Case Study


Does this sound familiar: I had a web design done about a year ago and now I am learning that there are a lot questions I should have asked my designer. During the design process, SEO was only mentioned in passing, and keywords never came up. Since I’ve been disappointed in the performance of my [...]

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Website Design draws no Visitors?…time for SEO!


The following quote is another classic I get all the time from people with existing websites. This client has a pretty nice website, and he is really puzzled why on earth is there no traffic!?   “I have a site with a beautiful web design but the site doesn’t seem to be bringing in any [...]

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Web design must include on-page SEO


When seeking quotes for web design it is essential to get good advice about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from the beginning. Most Web designers will try and exclude SEO in their quotes to ensure themselves an upsale opportunity after the website is completed. The web design specialist will always include SEO basics to every website [...]

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Using A Press Release to Drive Traffic to Your Website


As well as standard SEO techniques you may want to try this one: I will go over how a press release can help boost your search rankings and get you more traffic.

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My Top Six Link Building Techniques


Here are my top six way of gaining those much sought after one way links back to your site. Some of these are harder than others!!

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Five Simple Steps to Boost your Site Ranking


Because of the changing nature of search engines SEO is complicated. But here are the five basic things that should be done with any site regardless. Things that will boost the ranking of just about any site.

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Link Building Simplified – A Link Building Strategy


Link building can be very time consuming but like it or not, it is also an unavoidable part of any internet marketing strategy. Here’s some tips to help speed things up for you and make the whole process easier…

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Article Marketing and Search Engines


As soon as I started this blog I changed my mind about Article Marketing. Not saying I am great but I can write an article. And make it interesting (some of the times). Here’s my first attempt and how it has helped my search engine rankings

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Free SEO book – SEO Made Easy – from Brad Callen


Brad Callen is one of those SEO experts you see often mentioned and quoted in forums, blogs and throughout the internet. He has sent me a SEO book that I can give away. Apparently it’s valued at $80. Download it here.

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Doing SEO the right way – gets traffic


Even though my number of top ten listings in the search engines has dropped but my traffic is up. Way up. That’s because I did SEO the right way. Here’s what I did

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Using a blog in website marketing


Using a blog in website marketing
A business blog is an effective way to market a traditional website. Infact blogging is one of the fastest ways of promoting your business and driving qualified traffic to your site. Just about any company should look at launching a blog as an add-on to their main website.

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