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Is 1-2K per month for SEO really expensive?


I know that many Australian’s cannot possibly understand that it is actually (yet!) very cheap to do SEO  on Once you are number 1 for your keyword. The high unique traffic per day will justify that and I know that’s what the current number 1′s are getting for most popular industries. In real life [...]

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How is the web design specialist different than most other web designers?


Web Design Specialist: The small writing makes us different and makes you free: a) there are no fees whatsoever once delivered and the site is fully yours and you can access all pages to make your own changes and upload images or even videos or sounds. You can also delete and add pages very very [...]

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Does long sales copy work?


We know people dont read long sales letters from start to finish…

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Read This – Tactical Triangle: The Ultimate in Marketing Simplicity


(This is not from me but from Perry Marshall – it’s well worth a read.)—
When Jack Born called me on the phone one day after his morning run and sketched out the triangle you’re about to see, I instantly fell in love with it.

This is the e=mc2 of marketing.

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The one thing you need before anyone will buy from you


A few weeks ago I was offered two very similar products. One was free the other cost $100. I bought the $100 one. And there is one reason why I did that – something that applies to any product or service for sale on the internet. I’ll tell you what it is.

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Making money with Clickbank Pirate? Yes or No


Many years ago I made a (small) amount of money advertising products for sale as an affiliate of clickbank. But haven’t been all that active for 24 months or longer. Until now.. I changed my mind last week. I’ll tell you why.

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Correct use of Autoresponders in email marketing


I used email marketing years ago. Built up a list of a few thouand people and managed to get myself banned from a well known autoresponder service for spamming! I was of course doing it wrong.

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Web Design Australia: giving away web site hosting for free


I am offering free web hosting to anyone who requests a web design quote. Saving you hundreds of dollars in costs as a result. Just for requesting a web design quote.

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Top Ten Email Marketing Tips


These are the ten most important tips for anyone using email marketing to keep in touch with their customers or propects (or both)

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One Off Costs or Monthly Payments?


For the first time ever I will offer websites on a monthly instalment plan

Will it work?

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