about me


If you’ve reached this page, you probably already know that I’ve been designing websites for nearly a decade and a half. That’s just about the age of this industry.

I very quickly realized that most business owners can’t afford the high prices charged by the typical web designer. As a result, most put off getting a web presence far longer than they should. I wanted to offer a solution that helps businesses get on line sooner.

By reading this far, you probably also realize that there’s not much an “us” in WDS—most of the time, that is.

I make web designs for small and medium-size businesses. I like working one-on-one with clients to tailor great websites that will conquer the internet for them. It’s a fun job, and I aim to keep it that way.

The key to that is keeping things lean. That means I tap expert freelancers when needed. Sometimes that’s when I need extra help to meet deadlines. At other times, I seek out specific expertise to finetune an SEO or internet marketing solution. (I can also recommend a great copywriter, photographer, or graphics artist for your content. Just ask me.)

Going solo means I get to have fun and stay creative in my work. It also means that you, as my valued client, get the benefit of my full attention, from quote to website launch.