August 2011

Web Design Expert in Online Marketing


I’m looking for a complete web design from a company who can provide internet marketing services. I know search engine marketing is the way to go, but I don’t have anyone on staff who can do SEO work. I don’t want to go the backdoor route and pay for targeted traffic after the fact. I [...]

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Web Design and Marketing


Is there any way my web design can be optimized to help me with marketing? I don’t just mean search engine results and optimization but things like newsletters, mass e-mailings etc? I’d like my business to be out there on the web, but I’m not really sure how things like this work—yet I feel like [...]

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Web Design Advice


I recently entered discussions with a web design expert whose work I admire. However, after our last meeting, I felt really disappointed. I have treasured all along while developing my business plans a specific idea of how I want my site to look and feel, to reflect the products we produce and the customers we [...]

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Cheap Web Design in Sydney


Could someone explain to me the advantages of a ready made site in web design ? I don’t want to settle for something that looks shoddy or doesn’t work properly—but I have been put off by the costs involved with so-called custom web designs. I am keen to get going in the Internet—should have done [...]

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Custom Web Design or Template?


Lately when I do a search for web design (I hope to launch my business online in the next six months), I find a lot of sites offering so-called template or ready-made web designs. When I compare costs with designers of bespoke sites, the difference is huge. I want to believe that it is possible [...]

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Looking for a Web Design Company in Sydney


I need to find a good web design company in Sydney. I’m new in town, new business, new life. I need a great website design to help me fast-forward an idea I’ve had cooking for several years. I’m especially looking for someone/a company with great SEO capacity and ideas about social marketing. Looking for good [...]

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Web Design and SERPS


I am contemplating commissioning a new web design for my website because the current one never comes up tops in any search engine results pages that I’ve tried: Google, Bing, Yahoo, you name it. My business is also many pages into the results. I think there must be something wrong with my website design, although [...]

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Customer Relationships and Web Design


My internet savvy friends say that if I want to reach new customers through my web design, then my website has to take me where the customers are—and that means not only Google and Bing but Twitter and Facebook and maybe MySpace. I guess I’m old fashioned. I feel that face to face interaction is [...]

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Magento Web Design


After testing almost every possible ecommece web site content management system out there like Zencart, oscommerce, cubecart, virtuemart from Joomla I have came to the conclusion that my top favorites are Magento. One of the main reasons was the overall design superior template designs available for these carts and the endless possiblilities in the backend [...]

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Web Design for Sydney Boutique


I want a website for my boutique but don’t know what the best kind of web design would be. I need to reach customers in Sydney, because that’s where my shop is located. I’ve heard horror stories about “dud” website that don’t bring in any business. I absolutely MUST get business from my website if [...]

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Web Design That Is a Business Tool


I tried an internet business a few years ago and it was a total flop, mainly because of my web design. I later learned it was because I hadn’t done my homework and didn’t realize how important it is to have a simple site that is properly optimized for search engine results. Traffic to my [...]

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