November 2009

My Top Six Link Building Techniques


Here are my top six way of gaining those much sought after one way links back to your site. Some of these are harder than others!!

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Web Designer Secrets tip 8: The most important factor in a web design project


The most important thing in a web design project is not its navigation, its domain name, or even what it says. It is this ..

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Web Designer Secrets tip 7: How to Use Social Networks for Traffic


I must admit that until recently I have ignored social networks like Fcebook and Twitter. It seemed to me they were nothing but mindless chatter. Things have changed.

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Web Designer Secrets tip 6: Blogging For Traffic and Profit


A blog can increase the traffic to your site and can directly or indirectly increase sales and inquiries. Here’s some of teh ways a blog in addition to a website can help re-enforce your business

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Google Adword Content Network Ads are Different


If you want to try the google content network you should know something – it’s a very different creature from search.

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Web Designer Secrets tip 5: There is more to life than Google


If getting a high rank in the various search engines is the only marketing you do then your are in big trouble

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Web Designer Secrets tip 4: SEO doesnt have to be hard


SEO is not hard to understand if you have a clear idea of what it’s purpose is. It’s not about tricking the search engines but rather giving them what they want.

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Web Designer Secrets tip 3: getting graphic with your website


Find out the easy way to make sure the graphics on your site don’t slow it down and lose you customers.

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Web Designer Secrets tip 2: picking a content management system


If you’re here then hopefully it’s because you read my free ebook “Web Designer Secrets”. If not you can download it by clicking on the book image to the right. Manage your own website the easy way Ideally a website should be set up so that it can be easily updated anytime by its owner [...]

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