August 2009

The one thing you need before anyone will buy from you


A few weeks ago I was offered two very similar products. One was free the other cost $100. I bought the $100 one. And there is one reason why I did that – something that applies to any product or service for sale on the internet. I’ll tell you what it is.

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Making money with Clickbank Pirate? Yes or No


Many years ago I made a (small) amount of money advertising products for sale as an affiliate of clickbank. But haven’t been all that active for 24 months or longer. Until now.. I changed my mind last week. I’ll tell you why.

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Article Marketing and Search Engines


As soon as I started this blog I changed my mind about Article Marketing. Not saying I am great but I can write an article. And make it interesting (some of the times). Here’s my first attempt and how it has helped my search engine rankings

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