May 2009

How to Write Effective Copy for your website


IMPORTANT: Your website’s main job is not to look good or entertain but to drive in business.
It can still look good and entertain as long as it does this as well

As such it follows the rules of advertising – writing a good web copy is similar to writing a good ad.

A good effective website should contain the following elements…

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17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, Videos, and MP3s UPDATE


Pay per click is undoubtedly THE advertising breakthrough of the
21st century. For the first time in history, you only show your ad
to people already interested in what you’ve got to offer, … and
you only pay when they visit your “store”

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17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets


17 FREE AdWords Cheat Sheets, MP3s and Videos Show You How to Easily Attract and Convert the MOST Valuable Customers in Your Market

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Quick Tip for getting to the top of Google


This is one incredibly useful and a very powerful way to get that top ten visibility fast. Some sites which are not to be found listed elsewhere in the top 3 pages of google are right there at the top of the search results – in pole position

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One Off Costs or Monthly Payments?


For the first time ever I will offer websites on a monthly instalment plan

Will it work?

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